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overexert. if you are susceptible you can die. there is seasonal affective disorder and tied to the length of the night and frost bite, you wear something on your hands and you layer. believe me i am layered. you wear the muffler to keep yourself nice and warm. i am standing out here 26 degrees. a little nippy on the nose but below freezing right here in san rafael. we're probably going to head up in santa rosa and see if we can get it colder. soft landing this morning from the fiscal cliff. the house passed the senate bill late last night averting fiscal disaster for the moment. live at our nation's capitol with details. good morning. >> good morning, the country did go over fiscal cliff but
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congress have fixed the mess. what they passed is retroactive, 90% of americans will not see a change in tax rates. >> they finally got it done. congress ended the long drama over the fiscal cliff with house republicans passing the senate bill. i will sign a law that will raise taxes on wealthiest 2% of americans. it could have sent the economy back into a recession. it appeared the bill was headed for defeat. house republicans had not want to raise taxes without significant cuts. >> there is no spending cuts. we're adding $4 billion a day to the debt. we feel like the senate bill failed miserably. >> but republicans decided to the to lengthen the fight.
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>> what is the alternative? go out $4 trillion of tax hikes for the american people, market uncertain. >> the bill shields people earning less than $400,000 a year from tax increases and extends unemployment benefits for roughly 2 million people. what it does not do is raise the so-called debt ceiling. in two months the government will reach its limit on borrowing, not to mention the bill delays larjts cuts to the pentagon and other government programs. >> reporter: so in march we may see another round of fighting. president obama says he hopes congress can reach an agreement with a little less drama. >> katie: what are the chances that republicans go along with raising the debt ceiling? >> we've seen there fight before. republicans will probably have to go along with it because the country will reach its borrowing limit, but republicans see it as bargaining tool. they wanted deeper spending cuts
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and deficit reduction and probably end up getting it. >> katie: thank you. today one of suspects in a murder of former winery owner at his mansion will be in court, 21-year-old javier garcia will be arraigned and 23-year-old man should be in court and lou cast anderson was already arraigned and one other was booked as an accessory in the death of his mansion during a home invasion in november. our media partner says they portray him as a ruthless businessman accused of hiding millions of dollars of assets from creditors. dramatic new video of the arrest of the driver that killed two people while running from police in san francisco. police approaching the suspect's
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vehicle and pulling him to the ground. yesterday morning, the suspect drove away from traffic stop went through an intersection and slammed into a car at 21st and south van ness. a passenger was killed as was a man standing on the corner. >> it was really scary, one minute you are here and second minute you shall gone. my employee, he was seconds away from being hit by the car. >> suspect was described in his mid 20s is well known to police. this morning, students that survived the connecticut rampage will get a look at the new school they will attend tomorrow. furniture including desks have been moved to the former middle school that the students will now attend for the rest of the year. backpacks and other belongings left behind in the chaos following the december 14th
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shooting have also been moved. school leaders intend to make the first day of class as normal as possible. counselors will be on hand. authorities say the they don't know why the gunman shot and killed 26 people including 20 children. >> katie: a 12-inch water main rupture, the main broke near the intersection of salvio street around 7:00 last night. with gushing water did cause a few businesses to close early but water officials say they didn't need to close any streets >> today is your last chance to visit a san francisco institution in the current location. best part is free. the exploratorium at the palace of fine arts has out grown its home. the exhibits will be packed up and moved to pier 15 at the
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embarcadero. exploratorium was one of the first hands on science exhibitions in the country. we were just there with the kids about a month ago. there is so many things to do and hands-on learning, it's the best. today is free. >> it is 4:37. we want to take advantage of mike nicco. i know one word, we need you mike. >> okay, yeah. >> for information. >> i don't have any money, what else do you want? let's talk about spare the air. poorest air quality in the santa clara valley once again, but all of us are under spare the air and possibly again tomorrow. so no burning of any type of wood. other big story, freeze warning in the north bay, mid 20s until 9:00. frost advisory for the bayshore line and santa clara valley, temperatures in the low 30s
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through 9:00. keep the pets in and plants protected until that time. once we get passed that, by noon mostly sunny and upper 40s. low to mid-50s by 4:00, so slightly warmer than yesterday. clouds will lead us to a chilly evening with upper 30s to mid 40s. as we head into thursday, friday and saturday, partly cloudy on thursday. slightly warmer on friday and then just partly cloudy on saturday. right now it looks like the weekend will be dry. here is sue. >> wednesday morning ifer up and at em to work. light conditions on the san mateo bridges. those taillights headed on the flantd flatd section in the san mateo area, to san jose, northbound direction, this is julian exit to give you an idea where we are. few headlights passing through your screen. hayward area, reports of a water main break. this is eastbound jackson street surface streets between 880 and
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end of a portion 92 in hayward. there is a flooding during the water main break. you want to avoid that area until they get that capped out. if you are heading out. 580 and over the altamont is looking good. highway 4 westbound and 80 westbound into the macarthur maze just under 20 minutes. it's 4:39. >> a bay area community comes together to take a stand against a brutal rape of a young woman. how people are pushing for stronger laws to protect women. >> and the warning going on outer for all bay area beachgoers after a walk in the beach ends in tragedy. >> in today's tech bytes, apple's next big thing, an announcement this spring for an iphone 6. developers are seeing markers being iced. there are problems with
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operating system, it can schedule turn on and turn offs and people are missing calls and messages. >> a local based social network will be selected to see more customer who has have checked [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each.
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yoplait, it is so good!
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good wednesday morning. a lot of folks heading back to work after new year's day. traffic is moving well here looking from east bay hills camera towards san francisco. a little chilly out there. frosty conditions. we've got always spare-the-air alert. mike nicco will talk about that in just a moment. >> authorities are warning beachgoers to be on alert to
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large waves following the drowning death. he and woman were walking their dog yesterday afternoon when they were hit by a massive wave. it knocked her into the water. the man pulled her free, but the dog was swept in. when he tried to save the dog he was swept away if. the dog swam back to shore. we followed the search by local authorities and coastguard. they searched for several hours before finding his body in the water. they say large waves can suddenly hit shore even when water appears calm. >> kristen: the protests of gang rape and murder of a young woman in india have spread to the bay area. protestors gathered in fremont. alan wang. >> reporter: the gang rape and murder of 23-year-old woman struck a nerve in fremont where one of the bay area's largest indian communities came to pray at the behind due temple.
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>> even though six men have been arrested and charged, protestors around the world are calling for a change in laws to protect women. >> it's a matter of safety and matter of pride and dignity. we have to altogether, whether you are a man or woman, i have to fight. >> many say the incident represents a clash between old world culture and india's modern society. now, they plan to take action. >> i this i we need to send a petition to the indian government. >> many here hope the incident will shed light on other women's rights issues. >> i would say things like equal opportunity for jobs. >> according to the "new york times," rapes in india have increased 25% over the past five years. there were 600 rapes in new delhi last year but only one conviction.
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>> even if a lot of these cases.... >> people point out the crimes like this don't just happen in india and they hope that a worldwide outcry for women and their rights. a major construction project in san francisco will resume this morning after a holiday break. muni central subway project will take its toll on union square. stockton street will be closed between geary and ellis streets. the walkways are narrower because of the construction. no word on whether they will extend the subway for chinatown. it's scheduled for completion in ten years. >> cardinals beat the badgers 20-14 before a packed out. taylor scored two touchdowns. stanford who came into the game
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ranked as number six in the u.s. we shaw and we conquered in honor of david shaw. >> you said you were going to route for sanford. >> actually that was well deserved. we'll take that. >> first bowl win in a long time. it's chilly throughout but we are feeling it this morning. >> very dry feeling. you may notice your hands or lips a little dry this morning. definitely what is happening. there is enough moisture coming out of the ground to create frost and thick frost. please be careful if you are heading out. no reports of black ice but we did have it monday when we had the same situation. sutro tower, live doppler 7-hd and see what we're getting as far as radar returns, they are all dry.
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no clouds out there right now. talk those temperatures. low to mid 40s around fremont, oakland, san francisco and half moon bay. we are above freezing in san san rafael at 36. 35 in antioch but freezing or below in los gatos, concord, fairfield and napa. around the monterey bay, mid-30s gilroy at about 32 degrees. let's talk about what is going to happen in this forecast cycle. frost in the morning hours, sunny this afternoon. slightly warmer thursday and friday. this system will get rose to the bay area but most of the showers will stay over the ocean. let's talk about today's temperatures, mainly in the mid 50s. we could be slightly cooler around 52 in vallejo and low 50s around the coast. it won't be quite as breezy as it was yesterday.
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mid to upper 50s as you head inland. tonight almost as cold as this morning. you can see sub-freezing around palo alto at 32. same thing at concord and vallejo. 2382 at livermore. we'll be okay in san francisco, 43. 39 at oakland and 38 in san mateo and half moon bay for some of the warmer spots tomorrow morning. area of high pressure dominating and keeping everything to our west or shooting it up to the north. we'll have one of those systems sideswipe to us as it heads to the north. slightly warmer weather as we'll get to near 60 for friday. that other system saturday and sunday, you can see the extra clouds in our forecast but no wet weather right now if you are heading out over the ocean. monday and tuesday, we'll see more sunshine and temperatures possibly near 60. light out this morning. wednesday morning.
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for this morning, no problems on the macarthur maze. if you are traveling from the westbound 80 direction. from the east on 580 and south on 880, everything is flowing smoothly from the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems here. light traffic as you make your way on the upper deck to the incline section and into san francisco. hayward area, eastbound jackson street east of the 880 interchange, water main break. it is flood there had. the whole area of jackson street so stay away from that area until they get that capped. checking in with all mass transit, everybody is running back to a normal schedule after the holiday yesterday. bart, muni and caltrain and all mass transit is checking in on time this morning. >> pennsylvania's governor plans to sue in federal court over the sanctions imposed by the ncaa in
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the wake of jerry san duesski convictions. they agreed to the sanctions which include a $60 million fine. money will be used nationally to pay for child abuse prevention programs. but pennsylvania lawmakers have raised objections from money that comes from taxpayers being spent out of state. >> this morning the taliban is comparing the plan withdrawal to america's pullout from the vietnam. the transfer of security operations from u.s. to afghan forces is merely an american retreated. a statement from the militant group is calling it a declared victory and run strategy. nato troops are scheduled to leave afghanistan by the end of 2014. the paparazzi obsession with justin beiber takes a deadly
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turn. what a photographer was trying to do that cost him his life. >> and amazing research involving pan dags, how they111g
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a company called revolution foods will serve meals at 114 schools starting on monday. the lunches are prepared by chefs using local ingredients. it's never frozen or fried and does not contain corn syrup. >> we're off to a good start with our exercise. this morning, it's kind of hard to get out because it's so cold. >> it's going to be fun to get on the treadmill this time of year.
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if you get out there congratulations, good luck to you. 52 in vallejo. 53 in san rafael and san francisco. 55, in fremont and san jose and palo alto and 54 in san mateo. if you are traveling around the state it is quiet everywhere on doppler radar. sunshine dominates the entire state. low to mid-60s down to southern california, to 59 at big sur. 38 in tahoe and about 42 in yosemite. speaking of travel let's turn it over to sue. she is back. >> it's quiet out this morning. traffic wise, we have no road work so to speak of. golden gate bridge crews, you can see right here reconfiguring your drive for the morning commute. four lanes, northbound two lanes and right now we traffic is very light. both directions of the golden gate bridge. back to hayward, we have a water main break. chp has issued a sig alert at
4:54 am
jackson, off-ramp, one lane is flooded there. you want to take extra care, jackson at santa clara where the water main has broke. 24 westbound toward caldecott and leaving to novato and 85 up to mountain view in the northbound direction. that water main break becoming a problem. we're sending a reporter to the scene to check it out for you. this morning, los angeles police are saying no charges will likely be filed against a driver who hit and killed a photographer who was taking pictures of justin beiber's ferrari. it was pulled over for a traffic stop. a photographer arrived and tried to get a close-up. as he crossed the street a car hit him. he died at the hospital. beiber was not in ferrari at the time and it is unclear who was driving the car. >> it's been a tough holiday for
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netflix. they are apologizing for another technical glitch. dvd portion of the website was unavailable for several hours yesterday. the latest problem comes after outages on new year's eve and christmas eve that prevented some customers from watching streaming videos. amazon has apologized for the outage. important health news for pregnant women. a simple way to lower your risk for a premature birth. american dent will association, a simple procedure can help women cut their labor odds by 30%. one in eight u.s. babies are born premature. by cleaning below the line with a scaler are a cleaner, it makes it harder for planning to build up. pan dags may be more than cute. they can help keep you healthy.
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they say they have found an a strong antibiotic in panda blood that fights super bugs. it can kill bacteria in under an hour. well known antibiotics takes six times longer. it could have important implications for humans and pandas. it could provide to save pandas. if your new year's revolution is to lose weight, you might want to think twice. researchers for health statistics found a few extra pounds may cut your risk for premature death. they looked at studies of almost 3 million people. experts suggest if you are slightly overweight, you are controlling your weight and could avoid other health risks. slightly overweight that someplace. >> a dramatic standoff for a man
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and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. good wednesday morning, i'm kristen sze. >> we want to start you out with weather. it's cold one this morning. mike has the down low temperatures. >> they are. nice description. yeah, let's take a look

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